Working With Clients

Great Teams Are Built on a Process

After 14 years of watching recruiters miss this fact, we decided it was time to do something about it. We imagined what it would feel like if recruiting was collaborative, human, and intentional… and then built the process below to make it real.

We Get to Know You and Your Business

We craft a very compelling Go-To-Market strategy for your company and ensure your brand is broadcasted to our deep and vetted network of global professionals.  We make sure that we target the right people who will make a lasting and enduring impact on your organization.

We Do The Heavy Lifting For You

Going through piles and piles of resumes is mentally and physically exhausting, cutting down on your valuable time.  We spend hours speaking with and vetting candidates to make sure they meet your requirements so you don’t have to

Your Personal Concierge

Smooth communication is key to successful interviewing, acceptance and onboarding.  We answer all questions with no detail left behind fueled with data, market analysis, and weekly strategy sessions for both the client and candidate.  The hiring experience is important, we take it seriously to make sure no one is left in the dark

Post Hire Support

The first year of joining your company is critical.  It’s vital to stay connected with you and your new employee to make sure everything is going well.  We make sure to provide regular communication and updates.  Your success is the most important part of this journey!

What We Do Best

We excel in finding key sales, marketing, post sales, support for Technology and Saas companies looking to find the best people available, bilingual or not. We know and are connected with the outstanding talent in the US, Japan & Asia.

  • Head of Sales
  • VP of Sales
  • SVP of Sales
  • Customer Success
  • Solution Architect
  • VP Product
  • Head of Technical Support
  • And others..

Gain access to the very best SaaS, sales, startup, and recruiting talk for the US, Japan & Asia.