Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Candidate

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Recruitment is complex puzzle with many moving parts.

One of these pieces is the candidate/client interview process. It is a delicate dance between two partners, something like the delicate interplay between two graceful ballroom dancers.

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At anyone point in time, one slip of the foot, one mistimed step, and both dancers come crashing to the floor.

When the candidate and client begin the interview process everything must be timed and synced correctly in order to achieve success.

As a recruiter, our job is to collect as much information as possible to smoothen and choreograph the steps of the interview – like a dance – think of us as the Dance coach, ever present, guiding our dancers to the penultimate dance trophy.

We learn as much as we can about the candidate, her background, her education, her aspirations, what she has achieved in her life, what type of company culture she views as nourishing and which she views as toxic (including managers).

From the company side, we learn about the environment, the key stakeholders, the wants and needs of the job, the type of profile/person they are looking for. We do our best to match this.

At any given point during this discourse, things come into play – new candidates, new information, hiring from the inside, a number of things you didn’t expect that can have a negative or positive impact on the outcome.

Case in point, for one particular role they had rejected several candidates. I had one who would be a good match. I was persistent, I never gave up, I solicited new information from her, I approached the hiring manager from a different angle and surfaced new information that swayed the decision and ultimately brought her on board.

Lesson learned, never ever quit…

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